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  • 10 Jul 2020 14:20 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Thank you, thank you to the team at Lowu and all our fantastic volunteers for making camp such a success earlier this week! Our 24 eventing campers and 12 minis had a terrific 3 days.

    Kate Lumsden on Flicka and Emily Yates on Star

    A special thank you goes out to all the instructors... Deborah, Christian, Gary, Laurel, Lucie, Man-key and ofcourse HKPC Chief Instructor Jo ...

    as well as our wonderful team of volunteers ... Liz (Leven) and Liz (Leung), Kathryn, Juliette, Valerie, Dominique and Rebecca, Owen, Velvet, Poppy, Eva (Gunning), Eva (Morton), Julie, Anabelle, Daniela, Ivy, Stephanie, Heather and our official photographer, Eric.

    We are also so grateful to Bits & Boots Saddlery for generously sponsoring our awards. Congratulations to all awardees:

    • Best Horsemanship at Camp - Charmaine Ip
    • Most Improved at Camp - Chiara De'eb
    • Best Round at Show - Leelani Neuveux and Sophie Bater
    • Best Turned Out at Show - Anita Qian
    • Oustanding Group at Camp - Red ride (Emily Walker, Chiara De'eb, Charlotte Yates, Evie Sum, Fenella Millen and Lilly Hirth)

  • 27 Jun 2020 09:44 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    We want to express a sincere thank you for all the wonderful artwork submitted into our HKPC art competition. Who knew we had such extraordinary talent in our midsts?

    Our judges are pleased to announce the following results...

    Mini category (11 yrs & under)                                        Junior category (12-16yrs)

    Winner         Furla Ng                                                         Winner  Chiara Deeb

    Runners Up  Alova Nablu & Pippa Walker                   Runner Up  Anita Qian           

    Awards for this competition will be presented on the final day of our upcoming camp  (Tuesday 7th July.) We hope all awardees will join us then!

    Winning entry in the Junior category from Chiara De'eb

  • 7 Jun 2020 14:41 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Congratulations to all eight candidates who passed their C Test at CEEC yesterday!

    Sheri Ng, Jasmine Poon, Emily Walker, Rachel Emmerson, Lorna Emmerson, Emily Yates, Charlotte Yates and Oskar Boekhorst

    Thank you to the team at CEEC and our PC Examiners Jo Eling and Louise Sanderson for making this possible while respecting social distancing measures.

  • 7 Jun 2020 14:28 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Thank you to everyone who supported our online 6-week Quiz challenge. We've made it to the end and we hope you enjoyed it.

    Congratulations to Sarah Broderick (Team LWSC) who is officially our Quiz Master 2020 with 549 points in total. In second and third places are Quiz super-sisters Emily and Pippa Walker (Team CEEC) with 505 and 504 points, respectively. Well done!

    Special mention also goes to the following team-members who completed all six weeks of the Challenge and placed in the Top 10..

    Julie Green (TMPRS), India Gray (LWSC), Agnes To (TMPRS) and Daisy Won (TMPRS).

    Team Totals and Top Scoring Team Members (position in Top 10):

    • Team LWSC 3,463 points: Sarah Broderick (1st), India Gray (5th), LWSC D Competition Group (8th), Sophie Bater (10th)
    • Team CEEC 2,029 points: Emily Walker (2nd), Pippa Walker (3rd)
    • Team TPRS 1,354 points: Julie Green (4th), Agnes To (6th) and Daisy Won (7th)
    • Team BREC 560 points: Jeffrey Wong (9th)
  • 5 Jun 2020 09:43 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    A few weeks ago we invited entries from our members to the British Pony Club's International Art Competition... On deeper reflection, we've now decided to run our own local art competition too!

    All you need to do is email us a high quality image of your own original artwork on the theme of "Equestrian Hopes and Dreams" (whatever this theme means to you.) Entries must reach us before 20th June 2020. Our judges will select winners and runners-up in each age category.

    There are some great prizes to be won!

    We will automatically forward all local entries to the international art competition so that your talent can be recognised on the world stage!

  • 3 Jun 2020 15:03 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Congratulations to all Pony Clubbers who competed in last weekend's LWSC Dressage Show. There were some impressive percentage scores achieved despite the adverse weather conditions. Well done!

    At the invitation of LWSC, rosettes were awarded to top-scoring Pony Club members in the most popular classes. Results as follows:

    Class 1 Prelim Dressage (Pony Club)

    1st Charmain Ip (72.17%), 2nd Sophie Bater (70.43%), 3rd Charli Haddican (70%), 4th Anita Qian (69.02%), 5th Alexis Shie (66.63%) and 6th Sarah Broderick (66.20%)

    Class 2 Prelim Dressage (Pony Club)

    1st Charmain Ip (73.28%), 2nd Charli Haddican (70.69%), 3rd Anita Qian (69.05%), 4th Chaira Deebs (67.33%), 5th Fenella Millen (67.16%) and 6th Alexis Shie (65.09%)

    Class 3 Novice Dressage (Pony Club)

    1st Sophie Bater (59.58%) and 2nd Owen Wong (58.13%)

    *** We intend to introduce a new Pony Club points system to recognise the effort and performance of our members in all disciplines across all riding centres throughout the upcoming 2020/ 21 season. More information to follow soon! ***

  • 8 May 2020 22:34 | HKPC Secretary (Administrator)

    Entries Now Open to Pony Clubbers of all ages!

    This year Pony Club in the UK have invited entries to their annual artwork competition from Pony Club members all over the world, including Hong Kong.

    The 2020 Theme: "Equestrian Hopes and Dreams"

    For more information and to access the online entry form, please check out PCUK's dedicated website:

    Don't forget to read the rules properly! And, if you are looking for inspiration, have a peek at some examples of previous entries...

  • 12 Apr 2020 13:56 | HKPC Secretary (Administrator)

    Election of two additional members to the Hong Kong Pony Club Committee

    The Committee is delighted to welcome:

    • Tasha Rose (elected on 20 January, 2020) - Tasha represents the Hong Kong Jockey Club in her capacity as Equestrian Affairs Project Manager
    • Laurel Cooke (elected on 06 April, 2020) - Laurel represents the Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre (CEEC) 
    This brings the total composition of our Committee to 12 membersrepresenting a great mix of equestrian professionals, parents and Pony Club alumni. Thank you everyone for your continued support!

  • 20 Feb 2020 02:26 | HKPC Secretary (Administrator)

    Congratulations to the following candidates who passed their D Test on Sunday Feb 16th 2020 examined by Sarah Corner:

    Rachel and Lorna Emmerson, Jasmine Poon, Sheri Ng  Emily and Pippa Walker, Emily and Charlotte Yates

    A big thank you to CEEC for organising the training and hosting this Test. We look forward to more news from CEEC about successful completion of Efficiency Tests in the coming weeks.

    Watch this space!

  • 12 Feb 2020 12:04 | HKPC Secretary (Administrator)

    Congratulations to our recent candidates in the D+ and C Exam.

    The following riders successfully completed their  D+ Test  examined by our Chief Examiner Jo Eling in January and February 2020:

    1. Lauren Agee
    2. Monica Sung
    3. Kamila Wilson

    We also had 3 successful candidates passing their C-Test Exam  with Jo in January 2020:

    1. Matilda Edwards
    2. Alexis Shie
    3. Kate Lumsden

    We are holding another round of D-Test and D+ Test at CEEC for invited riders in the coming two weeks!

    GOOD LUCK to everyone!

Hong Kong Pony Club, 

c/o Tuen Mun Public Riding School, 

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