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The Hong Kong Pony Club, an overseas branch of the British Pony Club, is a non-profit-making organization, which was set up to promote the riding and care of ponies by Hong Kong children, aged 5 to 21 years, and through this develop responsibility, moral judgment, leadership and self-confidence. It does this through fun activities as well as more serious training, but even the more serious side is approached in a way that brings out and hopefully enhances the enjoyment of the sport and its heroes, the horses and ponies. 

The Pony Club has been running in Hong Kong since 1973 and in 1975 was registered independently as an Exempted Society and became affiliated to the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation.  We have a current membership of about 150 members.

It is run largely by parents and volunteers, without whom it would very likely cease to exist. Through all our events we place a great emphasis on having the older, experienced members, generally over the age of 16, come to our events as volunteers and mentors.  This is an extremely important part of the Pony Club as this is one of the main ways we help them develop skills such as responsibility, leadership and self-confidence.

What We Do  

Efficiency Tests 

The Pony Club encourages members to take the internationally recognised Pony Club Efficiency Tests. These enable them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind. These tests are a great way to show the level of both horsemanship (riding) and horse-mastership (stable management) that has been achieved. The test are taken once you have finished the Stable Management Rally at the required Level. 

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Stable Management Rallies

Stable Management rallies really are the backbone of the Pony Club and lead to the Efficiency Tests. They are designed to teach our members how to care for horses and ponies in all areas from feeding to basic veterinary care to riding theory and everything in between.

These rallies are so important in Hong Kong as children generally only get to ride the ponies and do not have much opportunity to learn how to look after them. The rallies prepare them take them through a syllabus that teaches them stable management and general horse and pony care, both theory and practice, and also riding theory, such as the importance of rhythm and balance, what they mean and how to achieve them. 

Time spent with a pony in the stable is invaluable and is how bonds are formed, and without that riding as a sport loses a lot of its unique value.

We believe that good horse people are the result of good educational programs.  The unmounted program strives to develop knowledgeable, competent, well-prepared, responsible and dependable riders.

Achievement Badges

These are new to Hong Kong, and we hope to get them running at as many stables as possible. The achievement badges are designed to fill in the gap years between the D and the C Efficiency Tests and to give Pony Club members the opportunity to improve their general knowledge. On passing each test they are awarded a cloth achievement badge, which they can sew onto their Pony Club Hoodies or shirts. The idea is to cover the 'D' or ‘C’ Test Stable Management syllabus without the children realizing they are doing it!


We aim to run a minimum of three camps during the year, these are our flagship camps and are run by the Pony Club. Our Non Residential Camps are held at Tuen Mun Public Riding School (TMPRS) and our Senior Residential Camp is held at Beas River Equestrian Centre (BREC). Individual Private riding stables also hold their own pony club camps; these are organised and run by those Riding Schools/Clubs. We also try to organise Mini Camp which are run over 2 days for our younger more inexperienced members. As always we are limited in what we can do by a number of factors: The amount of ponies and horses we are able to hire from the Riding Schools, the availability of our instructors and the number of people willing to volunteer at our event.

The instruction at all camps is given by British Horse Society Qualified instructors, or by instructors training for their BHS teaching exams.  Where the instructors are training for their teaching exams, they are overseen by a trained instructor.  We also have older members who wish to work towards their BHS exams assisting the qualified instructors to get experience. 

Encouraging the older members to volunteer to help at camps is on the most important aspects of the Pony Club.  Our mentoring program at the camps gives the older members the opportunity to ‘give back’ to the HKPC and the community by sharing their knowledge and experience with the younger campers.  It is also very beneficial for the younger members to have role models to learn from.  Below is an outline of the three main PC camps. 

Non Residential Camp

These are held at TPRS and are open to all Pony Club members from age 7 and up. Depending on the number of horses and ponies avaiable, we aim to have up to 24 kids at camp. The members are divided into groups according to ability.  

This camp also gives the younger members the chance to watch and learn from the older members, and gives the older members the opportunity to help and mentor the younger members.  The children ride twice a day and attend stable management training sessions, lectures and talks and horsey arts and crafts.  The beginner riders are allocated mentors who help them tack up, muck out, groom etc.  The mentors are overseen by parents who are responsible for specific groups of children. .......... ............... ......... ................ ..................... . ............... ........... ........ ........... .  ............ 

Senior Camp

This is held at Beas River and is a residential camp for members aged 12+ and are able to Walk, Trot and Canter with balance and confidence as well as jump a small course, 60-80cm.  The members ride twice and attend two lectures each day.  Generally finishing with a competition on the final day.

Apart from the beauty of the surroundings and the general high level of facilities at Beas River, one of the great attractions of holding the Senior Camp there is the opportunity for the riders to train over a X-country course, something that very few young riders get to do in Hong Kong unless they regularly ride at Beas River.  

Other possible activities include Swimming, a trip Brides Pool, a visit to the Racecourse to watch the Barrier Trials and Shatin Veterinary Hospital

Mini Camp

Our Mini camps are aimed at the younger and less experienced members. There are a maximum of 12 kids at camp so that there is a more relaxed atmosphere (and we can keep a close eye on everyone) 

The emphasis is on learning the basics of how to work around the ponies, how to be safe and of course how to ride! There is plenty of time spent with the ponies in the stables and there is also time for cuddling the Mini Ponies!

These camps are similar to the other Tuen Mun Camps and include the ever favourite vaulting lessons and a wide range of Arts and Crafts - generally horsey themed but the kids have been known to make slime! ...

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Hong Kong Pony Club, 

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