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Welcome to Hong Kong Pony Club



The Hong Kong Pony Club has close links with The Pony Club in the United Kingdom. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing education about proper care of ponies and horses while encouraging young people to enjoy all kinds of activities connected with these wonderful animals.

Pony Club in Hong Kong was started by a group of committed enthusiasts in 1973. From 1975, we have operated as a registered Exempted Society closely aligned with the Hong Kong Horse Society (subsequently renamed the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation.) To this day, we are a voluntary organisation run by parents and other volunteers. We strive to bring the equestrian community in Hong Kong together through our common interest in protectecting and promoting the future of our sport.



What We Do  

Efficiency Tests    能力考試

We offer internationally recognised Pony Club Efficiency Tests to encourage our members to develop knowledge and skills related to pony and horse care together with their riding ability.

The tests are a great way for young riders to receive constructive feedback on their level of horsemastership (care) as well as horsemanship (riding). After passing each Test, members receive a badge they can wear with pride during competitions and other activities.



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Camps   活動營

We aim to offer a minimum of three camps per season, which runs from September through to the following August each year. It is very beneficial for young riders to have good role models.  Our mentoring programme encourages older members and alumni to ‘give back’ by sharing their knowledge and experience with younger members.


Competitions    比賽

We organise competitive events at various riding centres.

Many of our activities are not exclusively for riders. The Pony Club Funathlon, for example, has four phases: Swim, Run, Ride and Throw. Competitors of all ages and abilities are welcome to join in the non-riding phases of this friendly, team-based competition.




Whenever riding takes place at any Pony Club activity, instruction is provided by British Horse Society (BHS) Qualified instructors, or instructors who are training for BHS teaching exams under the supervision of qualified instructors.

少年馬術會舉辦任何騎活動的時候也會有British Horse Society (英國騎術協會,BHS) 認可資格的教練指導;或由合資格BHS教練輔助備考BHS資格的教練指導。

Mini Camp

Senior Camp

Junior Camp

Hong Kong Pony Club, 

c/o Tuen Mun Public Riding School, 

Lot 45 Lung Mun Rd, 

Tuen Mun, NT.

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