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The Hong Kong Pony Club will be hosting the 2019 Inter-Pacific Exchange from June 30th to July 12th.

Teams from Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be competing in 2 Competitions, the Bauhinia Cup on July 5th, a Mixed team Dressage competition, and the highlight of the Exchange, the Nation's Cup Showjumping Competition on July 11th. Both competitions will be held at  Beas River Equestrian Centre, courtesy of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

All Pony Club and the Equestrian Community are invited to come and support the HKPC team at this International Event. More details will follow near the time.


We are looking for volunteers to help with the organising of this Event. There are many opportunities to get involved from helping with the Equestrian Events, organising the Social events, helping with Cultural and Sightseeing tours, to arranging transport and logistics. If you would like to be involved please  contact the secretary.



In 1960 Pebble Beach Pony Club in California, USA, invited Pony Club members from New South Wales and Victoria, Australia, to visit them in the USA and share their common interest of horses and riding. Such was the success fo the 'exchange' that in return the Pony Club Association of Victoria invited the USA, Canada and New Zealand, and all seven Australian States to participate in a similar exchange programme the following year. During that visit, the Inter Pacific Exchange Committee was formed and the Far East was invited to participate. It was agreed that these exchanges would take place every two years and be hosted by the participating countries on a rotational basis.... so began the IPE.

Since then the Inter-Pacific Exchange has taken place every two years. The countries have changed a little over the years, most notably with Hong Kong becoming a separate entity rather than part of the Far East team. Great Britain, the mother country of the Pony Club movement was also invited to join the IPE which it did for a while and hosted the 1985 rally, but has since withdrawn. 

The Exchange which generally takes place over approximately  2 weeks is both a competitive and cultural one, with each hosting nation striving to showcase the best of their nation to the visiting teams. The strength of the IPE lies in the word 'Exchange' for it is just that; different countries, different cultures, different challenges, all linked together by the common love of the horse. 

List of Host Countries and Years Hosted

  • 2019 Hong Kong 
  • 2017 USA
  • 2015 Canada
  • 2013 Australia
  • 2011 New Zealand
  • 2010 Hong Kong (postponed from 2009)
  • 2007 USA
  • 2005 Canada
  • 2003 Australia
  • 2001 New Zealand
  • 1999 Hong Kong


The 2019 exchange is to be held in Hong Kong from 30th June - 12th July, 2019. The invitation is extended to teams of four riders, one chaperone and one coach.

The international teams will arrive in Hong Kong on 30th June. All the teams will stay together in hotel accommodation. From here they will meet new people, experience different cultures, different food and participate in friendly team competition. There will be a Bauhinia Cup Event (Dressage) which will consist of mixed teams, each team having one member from each country. The Nation's Cup (Showjumping) will be held on 11th July followed by the Farewell Dinner. Both competitions will be held at Beas River Equestrian Centre.

All teams (incl. HK) will be accommodated together in a hotel, giving them the opportunity to better get to know members of their own as well as spending time with all the other teams. 

As well as the Equestrian themed activities, there will be sightseeing tours to Hong Kongs most treasured places, visits to Parks and time spent relaxing by the water. Teams will also get to explore Hong Kong and experience it's beauty and uniqueness, from the high rises of Hong Kong Island to the deserted beaches of the Sai Kung peninsular and everything in between. 

The Hong Kong Pony Club looks forward to hosting this exciting event, we hope that the 2019 Hong Kong IPE will be a truly rewarding experience for all those involved and that friendships are forged that will cross borders and boundries.



To qualify for consideration as a member of the HKPC team, you should:

  1. Be a paid up member of the HKPC
  2. Be capable and confident of jumping a showjumping course at 1m on unknown horses. 
  3. Be a proficient rider and handler of unfamiliar horses.
  4. Have shown support for the HKPC through attending and volunteering at events.
  5. Have shown commitment to giving back to the Pony Club
  6. Been an effective and responsible volunteer at events.
  7. Have strong Horse Management skills.
  8. Be a good ambassador for both their Pony Club and country and be able to fit into a team situation.
  9. Sign and adhere to a Code of Conduct.
  10. Be able to speak/respond on behalf of their team, if called upon to do so.
  11. Have a good basic knowledge of Hong Kong, and be able to converse comfortably with peer and non-peer groups.
  12. Have a sound knowledge of the Pony Club movement – its origins, structure and operation in Hong Kong

If you are interested in being considered for the Hong Kong Pony Club Team for the IPE 2019 please send us an email detailing your riding experience, your history and relationship with the Pony Club, Hong Kong or otherwise, and tell us what qualities you possess that would make you a good choice for and a good member of the team.


Hong Kong Pony Club, 

c/o Tuen Mun Public Riding School, 

Lot 45 Lung Mun Rd, 

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