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  • 1 Oct 2021 16:33 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    So pleased to share the terrific news that eleven candidates received C+ Tests from Nicola Craven today. This is the first cohort in many years to be awarded this level of efficiency. Well done!

    Anita Qian, Evie Sum, Kate Lui, Sarah Broderick, Fenella Millen, India Gray

    Oskar Boekhorst, Naomi Khaira, Ella Legere, Lilly Hirth & Alexis Shie

    Thank you Nicky for examining and to Beas River Equestrian Center and LoWu Saddle Club for hosting. None of this would be possible without the invaluable support of Christian Allderidge and Laurel Cooke.

  • 11 Sep 2021 11:44 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    In our excitement over the summer, we failed to document the fantastic results of our members who completed Efficiency Tests at various levels during Camps held at Tuen Mun Public Riding School and LoWu Saddle Club

    Congratulations all!

    D Test
    (August 2nd & August 11th)

    D+ Test
    (August 2nd)

    C Test
    (August 11th)

    Cayley Ngan
    Annabelle Zhao
    Alova Nablu
    Oliver Stapleton
    Taylor Shu
    Siobhan Doherty
    Anise Walker
    Bori Gibb
    Ashley Gale
    Vicky Evrard

    Maisie Woolcott-Brown
    Bree Udell
    Bo Udell

    Oliver Stapleton
    Taylor Shu
    Siobhan Doherty
    Anise Walker
    Bori Gibb
    Ashley Gale
    Vicky Evrard

    Siobhan Doherty
    Hermes Iu

    Thank you to our esteemed examiners, Jo Eling, Joelle Scott and Megan Godek.

  • 11 Sep 2021 11:26 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    We are excited to learn that Kenneth Cheng, an alumni of Hong Kong Pony Club, will be competing as an individual in show jumping at the upcoming 14th China National Games taking place in Shaanxi September 15th - 27th.


    Kenneth back then at Pony Club and now.

    TVB will be broadcasting the games locally so hopefully there will be some good coverage of Kenneth's jumping rounds. Don't miss out!

    • Showjumping Qualifiers: Thursday 23rd September
    • Showjumping Final: Saturday 25th September

  • 10 Sep 2021 09:18 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    “The Olympics was never in my targets with this horse or within myself, but it just kind of fell in place.”

    We've just discovered this lovely article about Tom Ho and his road to Tokyo published in The Chronicle of the Horse (a US magazine) in July.

    Tom Ho story.pdf

    As we've said before, we couldn't be more proud of our alum who is a fantastic role model for Pony Club. We are also forever thankful for his late father Fred, who encouraged many young riders, not only Tom and his brothers, in his role as District Commissioner of HKPC.

  • 14 Aug 2021 18:30 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Thank you to Christian, Gary, Luci and Laurel for pulling off another awesome Summer Eventing camp for 24 seniors at Lowu Saddle Club. There was substantial rain over the three days (August 9 - 11) but we didn't let it stop us ... including hacking out towards Shenzhen and competing in an Arena Hunter Trail on the final morning.

    Congratulations to the winners of our camp prizes:

    • Best at Camp - Lyndsay Son
    • Most Improved at Camp - Kate Lui
    • Stable Management Awards - Siobhan Doherty, Fenella Millen, Sarah Broderick & Charmaine Ip

    Arena Hunter Trial Results:

    • 1st - Oskar Boekhorst on Elsa
    • 2nd - Sophie Bater on Chopsticks
    • 3rd - India Gray on Happy Eagle
    • 4th - Anita Qian on Fun Faster
    • 5th - Jemma Quinn on Paddy
    • 6th - Jessica Yiu on Rocky
    • Judge's Box Commendation - Gemma Duncan on Dora & Ella Legere on Ace

    Thank you LWSC for hosting us and to all the volunteers and supporters who made it possible. We are so grateful to be able to offer these fantastic experiences for our members.

  • 1 Aug 2021 14:28 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Hope you've managed to catch some of the Tokyo Olympics Eventing because it's been incredible to see Alex Hua and Tom Ho representing us so proudly on the world stage.

    Alex and Don Geniro extending beautifully into 3rd place after the dressage phase. Alex is riding in his third Olympic Games as part of the first team to represent China in Eventing at the Olympics..

    After the dressage, Alex and Don Geniro were lying in third place with only 23.9 penalties. They completed a beautiful clear round on the cross-country course this morning, incurring 12 time faults which puts them in 18th place individually before the final phase tomorrow. Alex's strong performance has also helped put the China Eventing Team in 9th place moving forwards.

    Tom and Tayberry. The first pair in history to represent Hong Kong in Eventing at the Olympics.

    Tom and Tayberry (who at 20 years old is apparently the oldest horse in the competition) also jumped a lovely clear round cross-country this morning. Combining penalties incurred in the dressage phase and time faults from the cross-country they move forward in 46th place with 102.3 penalties to the final phase tomorrow. This is already an amazing achievement for the first pair ever to represent Hong Kong in Eventing at the Olympics. We are so proud!

    Don't miss the Eventing show-jumping finals tomorrow afternoon/ evening!

    Updates on the Olympics Equestrian Schedule & Results are available here.

    The (remaining) Schedule

    • Mon 2 Aug 15:00 HKT: Eventing Jumping Team Final
    • Mon 2 Aug 18.45 HKT: Eventing Jumping Individual Final
  • 24 Jul 2021 08:22 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are finally underway! Did you know that there are two former Hong Kong Pony Clubbers competing in Eventing?

    Alex Hua Tian is riding for Team China and Thomas Heffernan Ho is riding as an individual for Hong Kong SAR. Both HKPC alums from the 90'/ 00's will be competing in Dressage, Cross-country and Show-jumping next Friday 30 July to Monday 2 August.


    Alex (front row 1st on left) wins Best in Ride at Pony Club Camp.


    Tom in fancy dress (in red) and receiving an award from his dad (Fred Ho, former District Commissioner)

    Updates on the Olympics Equestrian Schedule & Results are available here.

    The Schedule (Tokyo local time)

    • Sat 31 July 8.30 - 11.00: Eventing Dressage Team & Individual  (1)
    • Fri 30 July 17.30 to 20.10: Eventing Dressage Team and Individual (2)
    • Sat 31 July 8.30 - 11.00: Eventing Dressage Team and Individual (3)
    • Sun 1 Aug 7.45 - 11.10: Eventing Cross Country Team and Individual
    • Mon 2 Aug 16:00: Eventing Jumping Team Final
    • Mon 2 Aug 19.45: Eventing Jumping Individual Final
    Five local television stations, including TVB, ViuTV, Hong Kong Open TV, Cable TV and NowTV, will hopefully be live streaming these events. Don't miss out!

    Learn more about Thomas and Alex

    You may remember Tom from the get to know you session we did with him a few months ago. If you missed that, here's a short video that he made when he was in Hong Kong earlier in the year.

    You can also check out this short video in which Alex speaks about his journey to Tokyo and even introduces his horses!


  • 4 Jul 2021 13:48 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    The results are in! Team Hong Kong has delivered a very respectable performance at the inaugural Pony Club International Alliance Virtual Dressage Show.

    The competition was very tough with Team United Kingdom in particular setting a very high standard and riders from Team Australia, Team New Zealand and Team South Africa also achieving some very impressive test scores. Nonetheless, Team Hong Kong has done us proud.

    Here is a summary of individual placings achieved by our riders:





    Class 2a


    Alexis Shie

    Beas River Equestrian

    Class 2b


    Sarah Broderick

    Lowu Saddle Club

    Class 3


    Charli Haddican

    Lowu Saddle Club

    Class 3

    6th - tie

    Ashley Gale

    Tuen Mun Public Riding School

    Class 4


    Sarah Broderick & Charmaine Ip

    Lowu Saddle Club

    Class 4


    Sophie Bater & Charli Haddican

    Lowu Saddle Club

    Team Hong Kong is also overall Team Winner for Class 4 Pas de Deux Freestyle to Music. Congratulations to all team members:

    • Sophie Bater & Charli Haddican
    • Sarah Broderick & Charmaine Ip
    • India Gray & Kamila Wilson
    • Kate Lumsden & Alexis Shie

    Check out full results for all classes and watch videos for 140 entries in the show on our padlet!

    Made with Padlet

  • 24 Jun 2021 11:04 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Celebrating the diversity of Pony Club worldwide with 140 dressage entries from riders in eight countries hosted on our very own padlet.

    Participating Pony Clubs from: New Zealand, United States, Hong Kong, Canada, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, South Africa and Australia

    Made with Padlet

    We are delighted have 30 entries from Hong Kong Pony Club and extend an extra special welcome to our two guest riders from Equuleus International Riding Club (Beijing), the first Approved Pony Club Centre in Mainland China. Thank you Jessica Lin (Class 1) and Wang Yihao (Class 5) for your participation. We look forward to enjoying more Pony Club activities together in future!

    Each class is being judged by a different sponsoring country. Results for the show will be announced on July 3rd, 2021.

    Team Hong Kong Pony Club

    Class 1

    Class 2

    Class 3

    Class 4

    Class 5

    Lilly Hirth

    Victoria Evrard

    Julie Bardin

    Sophie Bater &

    Charli Haddican

    Oskar Boekhorst

    Fenella Millen

    Kate Lumsden

    Sophie Bater

    Sarah Broderick & Charmaine Ip

    Chiara De’eb

    Evie Sum

    Alexis Shie

    Ashley Gale

    India Gray &

    Kamila Wilson

    Lyndsay Son

    Jessica Lin

    (Equuleus Beijing)

    Anita Qian

    Eva Morton

    Kate Lumsden &

    Alexis Shie

    Wang Yihao

    (Equuleus Beijing)

    Other riders from Hong Kong Pony Club competing in this show for International Teams

    • Class 1: Kate Lui
    • Class 2: Sarah Broderick and Marcus Choy
    • Class 3: Charli Haddican and Ethan Chung
    • Class 4: Eva Morten & Poppi Higgins
    • Class 5: Denise Yung
  • 20 Jun 2021 18:50 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Congratulations to eight candidates who passed C Test at LWSC this morning.

    Sophie Bater, Naomi Khaira, Maddie DeMiersman, Anita Qian, Charmaine Ip, Jessica Yu, Sarah Broderick and Jemma Quinn

    As always a huge thank you to today's examiners Louise Sanderson and Christian Allderidge.

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