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The Pony Club Training System      少年馬術會的訓練制度

In Hong Kong, children learn to ride at several public and private riding schools but generally speaking there are limited opportunities for them to care for ponies. This creates an imbalance in our young riders' knowledge and experience, which the Pony Club helps to redress.

Pony Club Efficiency Tests cover pony and horse care and stable management as well as riding. In order to progress, members must master practical skills such as tacking up and grooming as well as demonstrate theoretical knowledge about ponies/ horses and related equipment.

Hong Kong’s various riding centres play a central role in preparing young riders for Efficiency Tests. Pony Club liaises closely with the riding centres to identify candidates when they are ready and to arrange for Tests to take place as frequently as needed to serve their needs.


If you are interested to enroll for an Efficiency Test or would like to know more, please contact us.


Efficiency Tests    能力考試

This section provides a brief introduction to the Efficiency Tests that we offer our members. In general, these follow The Pony Club standards from the United Kingdom with some minor modifications for the situation in Hong Kong. While the 'E' Test is optional, all other Tests must be taken in sequence.


E Test

This is the first stage designed for younger members who are new to Pony Club and riding in general. To pass the ridden section, candidates should demonstrate basic skills such as mounting and dismounting, walking, turning and stopping their pony as well as a very short trot. All riding can be performed on or off the lead-rein.


Click on the link to see the full ‘E' Standard of Efficiency Test Card

Minimum age 6 years.  Badge disc colour:  Pale Yellow 


D Test

At this level, candidates should have basic knowledge about ponies and be confident to handle a pony as well as ride in walk and trot without a lead-rein.


Click on link to see full 'D’ Standard Of Efficiency Test Card

Minimum age 8 years.  Badge disc colour: Yellow


D+ Test

This is a test half way between ‘D’ and ‘C’. Candidates should understand elementary aids and be able to apply them while working towards developing a balanced seat that is independent of the reins.


Click on link to see full 'D+’ Standard Of Efficiency Test Card

Mimimum age 10 years.  Badge disc colour: White


C Test

At this level, candidates should be working towards a secure seat that is independent of the reins on the flat and over small jumps. In addition to applying simple aids correctly, they should demonstrate control when riding in the open and show courtesy to other riders when riding in a group. In the Stable Management component, candidates should demonstrate basic knowledge about pony care, tack and horse clothing.


Click on the link to see full 'C’ Standard Of Efficiency Test Card

Minimum age 11 - 12 years.  Badge felt colour: Green


C+ Test

Candidates should demonstrate riding over fences at all paces; riding a well-mannered horse/pony over cross-country fences; riding intelligently and with due regard for others when riding in company; and, knowledge of pace and discipline when riding alone or in groups. In addition, candidates should demonstrate practical experience of caring for a stabled pony.


Click on the link to see full  'C+’ Standard Of Efficiency Test Card

Minimum age 13 - 14 years .  Badge felt colour: Pink


B Test

The standard of the B Test is very high; generally equivalent to the BHS (British Horse Society) Stage Three Exam.

The test requires in depth knowledge of stable management and very competent riding. Candidates should demonstrate care of a horse/pony before, during and after general riding and competition, such as a One Day Event. The Riding and Horse & Pony Care sections can be taken separately.

B 級考試的水平非常高,等於BHS (British Horse Society) 的三級考試。考試涵蓋深入的馬房管理知識和高程度的策騎。考試時平地動作部分會跟其他考生交換馬匹。考生需要展示如何在一般策騎及比賽前、中、後照顧馬匹(如:參加三項賽。策騎和馬匹照顧部分可分開應考,沒有固定次序。

Click on the link to see full 'B' Standard of Efficiency Test Card - Horse & Pony Care
Click on the link to see full 'B' Standard of Efficiency Test Card - Riding

Badge felt colour: Brown (Care Section only) Red (Both Sections)

十六歲或以上。徽章顏色:(馬匹照顧) (完成整考試)

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