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Hong Kong Pony Club Awards & Recognition    


The Pony Club is committed to recognising young riders for their contributions and achievements. 


HKPC Senior Shield and Junior Plate

These perpetual awards recognise outstanding Pony Clubbers who exemplify our core values of Horsemanship, Sportsmanship and Service. The Senior Shield was presented in 1981 by the first District Commissioner of HKPC, Gillian Agar. The Junior Plate has been in circulation since 1994.

Senior Shield

1980's                                                          1990's

1981  Shirley Liu                                           1990  Lyndsay Rothwell

1982  Renouka Tucker                                1991  Christopher Doby

1983  Renee Spencer                                 1993  Emily Pennington

1984  Lisa Ip                                                  1994  Emily Pennington

1985  Emma Locking                                  1995  Jacqueline Luft

1986  Theresa Kung                                    1997  Elise McAuley

1987  Holly Griffiths                                     1998  JC Leung

1988  Maggie Day

1989  Holly Griffiths


2000  Katie Lowe

2001  Andrew Shellum

2002  Andrew Shellum

2004  Charlotte Deacon

2005  Jah Ying Chun

Junior Plate

1990's                                                               2000's

1994  Stephanie Williams                                2000 Tiffany Tong

1995  Alexandra Smillie                                    2001  Thomas Ho

1996  Rebecca Walker                                      2002  Tiffany Smith

1997  Lara Rogers                                              2003  Ching Tung

1998  Kosei Matsutani                                       2004  Francis Lo

1999  Catherine Johnston

Philip Day Memorial Trophy and Bowl

These perpetual awards recognise the winners of our annual Philip Day Memorial show-jumping competitions. The trophy was presented in year 2000 by Vanessa Day (a long-time Pony Club instructor and deeply valued member of Hong Kong's equestrian community) in memory of her late husband Philip Day, who was District Commissioner of HKPC in the 1990s. The bowl has been in circulation since 2007.

Philip Day Memorial Trophy

2000's                                                 2010's

2000  Dorian Gaeta                                           2012  Kendall Kruger

2001  Charlotte Boyd                                        2013  Kendall Kruger

2002  Natasha Fons                                          2014  Kendall Kruger

2003  Natasha Fon                                           2015  Kendall Kruger

2004  Andrea Shang                                        2016  Lennard Chiang

2005  Chartotte Manle                                    2017  Annabel Dyson

2006  Henry Leung                                          2018  Rebecca Millard

2007  Patricia Chan                                           

2008  Joyce Chow

2009  Amanda Budge


2000's                                                  2010's

2007  Jackie Tam                                                2012  Natalie Walker

2008  Xantha Leatham                                      2015  Ellie Holden

2009  India Fleischer                                         2016  Ellie Holden

                                                                                2017  Isaac Wong

                                                              2018   Eva Morten

Mini Pony Clubber Awards 2019-20

As a new initiative this year, we recognise Pony Club riders who showed notable improvement and commitment while representing the HKPC team in this season's HKJC Children's Challenge Cup jumping series.

Most Improved Rider - Oliver Stapleton                           Most Committed Rider - Jasmine Godfrey

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