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  • 28 Sep 2023 22:19 | HKPC Secretary (Administrator)

    A fabulous Saturday morning with 13 brilliant young riders and  demonstrating wonderful show jumping from 70cm to 110cm. Great achievements with lots of fun    !

    We are grateful to BREC for hosting, especially Wendy Hung, Michael Sin and Joss Gray for all their help.

    Huge thanks to our judges Johnny Mak and Karen Mak, incredible instructors from BREC, LWSC and CEEC, Anais Chauvin, Christian Allderidge, Gary Johnston, Kerry Freeman, our Committee member and our photographer for the event, Liz Leung, our volunteers Dor Dor Stapleton and Ivy Ip.

    We couldn't do this without support from all of you !

  • 18 Sep 2023 17:39 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Congratulations to our members who recently passed Pony Club D and D+ Tests at Lo Wu Saddle Club

    Big thank you to our examiner Gary Johnston and to the team at Lo Wu for hosting.

    • D Test on 19th August: Jayden Chan, Carina Wang, Amber Grady
    • D Test on 16th September:  Sophia Lam, Nathan Wong, Pearlyn Lee
    • D+ Test on 19th August: Georgia Thompson
  • 14 Aug 2023 14:24 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Lo Wu hosted five consecutive Saturdays of Stable Management fun and learning this summer break providing super opportunities for our members to spend time more in the stables learning and practicing important skills.

    Thank you Christian, Gary and Luci for leading these sessions and thank you Daisy for your generous support.

  • 11 Aug 2023 15:56 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Thank you CEEC - and especially coaches Sarah and Jon - for hosting three days of mini camp fun and learning this week.

    Congratulations to our members who successfully completed Pony Club Efficiency Tests during the camp:

    • D Test - Amelia Bay, Georgia Thompson and Laura Watt
    • D+ Test - Evelyn Kwok
  • 17 Jul 2023 18:34 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    What a good start to the summer holidays for our cohort of up and coming C and C+ Testers ...

    We owe enormous thanks to Nicky Craven for delivering a series of six C and C+ Stable Management training sessions as well as a 2-day C+ Rally at Beas River during June and July.

    Thank you Georgie Spain, Sabine Behrendt and Daisy Won for supporting at the Stable Management sessions.

    Thank you James Kwok for doubling up with Nicky to increase our capacity to involve more members at the C+ Rally.

  • 11 Jul 2023 19:21 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Thank you United States Pony Clubs for producing a short video for the Closing Ceremony to conclude this year's annual virtual dressage show - check it out now on the show's website!

    Made with Padlet

    It's been so lovely to see so many young riders, horses and ponies from around the world enjoying dressage and producing such wonderful results. Congratulations again to all HKPC team members, thank you for representing us.

  • 12 Jun 2023 21:43 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Results are in for the third annual Pony Club International Dressage Show!

    Congratulations to Hong Kong Pony Club team members who did us very proud by achieving some very impressive results. Thank you team for your hard work.

    Class 1 - Training Level

    Carrie Wang (LWSC) – Individual 4th

    Rosy Zheng (LWSC)
    Austin Tam (LWSC)
    Anson Tam (LWSC)

    Team 2nd

    Class 2 - First Level

    Anya Law (BREC)
    Evie Sum (LWSC)
    Jeffrey Wong (LWSC)
    Selene Mou (LWSC)

    Team 4th

    Class 3 - Second Level

    Alexis Shie (BREC) – Individual 1st
    Kate Lumsden (BREC) – Individual 2nd
    Sarah Broderick (LWSC) – Individual 4th
    Ashley Gale (TPRS)

    Team 1st

    Class 5 - Pas de deux freestyle to music

    Furla Ng & Oliver Stapleton (BREC) – Individual 2nd
    Alana Chan & Maia Forbes (BREC) – Individual 4th

    Class 6 - Prix caprilli

    Lilly Hirth (CEEC) – Individual 4th
    Rachel Emmerson (CEEC)
    Annabel Zhao (CEEC)
    Jade Ng (CEEC)

    Team 4th

    Check out the show website for all results and videos from Pony Club competitors around the world.

  • 21 May 2023 15:22 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Raina and Curtis for passing your D Tests with examiner Luci Friend at LoWu Saddle Club this weekend.

    In recent months, several members have successfully completed efficiency tests in regular lessons at LoWu and Clearwater Bay. Well done to you all!

    • E Test @ CEEC: Charlotte Man
    • D Test @ CEEC: Ana Chan, Nicole Qiu, Lauren Kan and Orla Horgan
    • D+ Test @ CEEC: Ana Chan, Nicole Qiu, Bo & Bree Udell and Orla Horgan
    • D and D+ Test @ LWSC: Sierra Chui
  • 3 May 2023 19:16 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Our first mini camp since the pandemic went off smoothly at TMPRS on May 1st with 22 members in four rides plus a lead rein group for minis.

    We hope everyone had fun!

    Big thank you to our instructors: Debbie Follet, Jo Eling, Joelle Scott, Georgina Spain and James Kwok. And to our generous volunteers: Nick, Johnny and Karen, Ivy, Denise, Sarah, Sabine, Karina and Samantha.

    Special thanks also to our selfless Pony Club secretary, Daisy Won, for organsing such a super event.

  • 7 Mar 2023 14:12 | Elise McAuley (Administrator)

    Congratulations Rosy Zheng and Kaitlyn Er who completed Pony Club C Test with Jo Eling last Sunday 26th January. Well done girls!

    Big thank you to Jo for her time and LWSC for hosting.

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