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HKPC Efficiency Tests - Successful Participants

12 Feb 2020 12:04 | HKPC Secretary (Administrator)

Congratulations to our recent candidates in the D+ and C Exam.

The following riders successfully completed their  D+ Test  examined by our Chief Examiner Jo Eling in January and February 2020:

  1. Lauren Agee
  2. Monica Sung
  3. Kamila Wilson

We also had 3 successful candidates passing their C-Test Exam  with Jo in January 2020:

  1. Matilda Edwards
  2. Alexis Shie
  3. Kate Lumsden

We are holding another round of D-Test and D+ Test at CEEC for invited riders in the coming two weeks!

GOOD LUCK to everyone!


  • 9 Mar 2020 13:48 | Anonymous
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