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Claudia Wrobel's Inter Pacific Experience

4 Dec 2019 21:29 | HKPC Secretary (Administrator)

The 2019 Inter-Pacific Exchange between HK, USA, Cananda, Australia and NZ took place this summer in Hong Kong (you can read more about it on our Inter-Pacific Exchange page) with both main competitions being held at Beas River Equestrian Centre.

The Hong Kong team members were:
Annabelle Dyson
Gabby Thomas
Claudia Wrobel
Matilda Marchand.

All the teams had a fantastic time and made plenty of new horsey friends from all round the world. Here is what Claudia has to say about the IPE.

The International Pacific Exchange was a wonderful experience full of fun and competitive spirit. Each day held a different activity that I looked forward too, whether it was the equine hospital visit, hacking, quizzes, gymkhanas or the dressage and show jumping competitions. Apart from the exciting riding and equine related activities, this competition stood out in another way too. Since it was held over 2 weeks, we all had the opportunity to do other activities such as visiting landmarks, boat trips and have our own time to explore or relax. This was the highlight of my experience because I hadn’t been to a show that spanned out for a long duration and allowed us to partake in planned outings as well as the competition itself. It encouraged us to get to know the competitors, build friendships, learn from one another, experience the culture of the host country, compete and do what we love: ride!


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